Adiós, Abschied, αντίο, Adieu, 別れ, or However Else You Say Farewell

Why WW Will Not Come Back
WW ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun ended. Party coming soon?

Check the History page EVERY MONDAY for updates!

Table of Contents

  1. Music Videos (to listen to while reading)
  2. Introduction
  4. Information about Returns
  5. Giveaway of Our Servers
  6. Memorable Pictures
  7. Conclusion


Music Videos (Listen to these while you read this post.)



A group collaboration of the elite soldiers of WW. May this serve well to all people from all armies.

August 11th, 2012

Even in the dusty haven of the Watex Warriors did soldiers spark thoughts. Those thoughts create ideas, and ideas lead to wildfire. Wildfire in this case was arguments, but it was no use to argue since the meeting was all about one central idea: to shut down the base of the Watex Warriors, forever, let the network of our site be used as a memorial and have the social chat room of WW be used to well, social/chat. It was, in fact, predictable for every soldier in the army. It may seem that we are going to regret our decision, but why regret if we all knew it was going to come? 



My home army is finally going down once and for all. I might as well never get to relive those good old noob days, but at least WW has been able to rest peacefully. Armies like these aren’t around anymore and it’s hard to let go something as golden as this. Anyone who has seen the remarkable achievements of this army should know that it counts as good history. Every success, every failure, it goes by as history. One thing I can say that WW was always good at was creating friendships. It may seem like a cheesy response to many of you, but it’s true. Not doubt about it that so many soldiers stay at WW because of the friendships they make. That magic is long gone at the moment because they misread us or overlooked us as just a small army. I can say that we are one lucky army to be created peacefully and end peacefully. 

“We don’t care what they have to say, because as long as we go out there, and show that we are a great army, then who cares what they have to say about it.” (Wii Mountain)

“Together we stand, divided we fall.” (Scampi Bri)

“[…]what’s really important, my friends.” (Lucario564)

Au Revoir fellow Watex Warriors



Yep, It sadly happening WW has been shut down, for good. Been a long run, been running since the Tundra wars and continued peacefully since. We are gonna keep all the pages and posts up, because it is WW’s history. Yeah I am retiring as well so this is, in reality, my final post/edit on here itself. I am not making something much, just saying, Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)

-Tap Dancer36


While I never thought I would see the end of the Watex Warriors, I must say that I’m glad I saw it to it’s end. I can proudly say I’ve been with the Watex Warriors since its creation and its destruction. I must thank Watex (or Fever if you may) and Dialga for creating this wonderful army, for without this army I would never have met some of my greatest friends, namely Santa (as you all know) and Bleu Missy (and many others). While I continue my life away from the army life, I encourage each and every one of you still in armies to get away from the army life to. You may not understand now, but you will understand when you get to my old age. 

Also, check back near the end of August for the finished copy of the History page (if you noticed, I updated it).




I’m going to keep this simple since I address most of the things I want to say in the conclusion.

The Watex Warriors is no questionably a different army. I haven’t found an explanation after three years. Maybe it’s the carefreeness and the cheerful character of the soldiers. Or maybe it’s the history this army went through with the most influential legends in Club Penguin Warfare. Whatever it is, I’m glad I joined this army. I’ll never forget the great times I had with the friends I met. Thank you to everyone that I met in this army. This army doesn’t deserve to end, but we’re doing it for the best. Never forget this army.

That was then, this is now.


Information about Returns

In order to ensure that this army is never revived, the following people are the only people that may resurrect the Watex Warriors.

  • Wexfief
  • Disco70s
  • Scampi Bri
  • Santa0704
  • Raven511426

If anyone else not on this list restores the Watex Warriors, it is void and a fake. If the Watex Warriors is to be restored, it will be made only on this site (wwofclubpenguin). The name “Watex Warriors” is copyrighted and using this name without our permission is plagiarism and can lead to severe consequences and fines. Disco70s and Wexfief are the only two people that have the power to change the names on the list. 


Giveaway of Our Servers

We will give the following servers to the following armies.

  • Tundra – Our third of Tundra will be kept as a memorial for this army. Please respect it. (Basically, ACP and IW are the only two armies that own Tundra now.)
  • Sabertooth – AW
  • Hibernate – AW
  • Walrus – ACP
  • Shiver – ACP
  • Ice Cold – AW
  • Snow Bank – AW
  • Snow Drift – IV
  • Icebound – NW
  • Snowbound – Ninjas
  • Half Pipe – RPF
  • Ice Berg – NW


Memorable Pictures (Click to Enlarge)

The first Fever War in 2007.

Wii Mountain leads WW against IW during the November of 2008.

Luc leads WW against FW. August 2009

WW rises with Luc, Boomer, Bri, and Nas. March 2010

This was when WW achieved its highest ranking after the Fever Wars: 3rd Place.
WW vs. IW 3/19/10

Bri leads WW to the biggest size in WW history after the Fever Wars during the Legends Cup 8/14/10. WW maxes over 35 people.

Bri, Wex, and Luc lead WW in an invasion against DW, approaching sizes of 35. 12/28/10

57to leads WW in a tournament vs. DW during Wex’s Era. 3/20/11

Wex leads WW against Ninjas. 7/12/11

Hurr leads WW in a battle against ACP. December 2011

Disco leads WW over GT. (WW is red.) 6/11/12



We never wanted this to occur; however, we believe it is for the best of this army. We’re sorry to the other members of the Original 6 (ACP, Nachos, IW, UMA, RPF), but it looks like the Watex Warriors will be the first to fall indefinitely. WW will be always remembered as the army it was. The events this army went through, the Fever Wars, Spacey and Wii’s memorable reign, WW’s rise to 3rd, the Dark Days without Tundra, WW’s late rise, will always be significantly important and define this army, whether good or bad.

Many of the soldiers from this army will be joining the Arctic Warriors. We recommend you do the same if you want to stay with WW soldiers. We may make an army as a replacement for WW in a new site, but the name will be changed. An edit on the top of this post will say so if it happens. The Watex Warriors site will be open as a historical monument, and the chat will remain open as a hangout. Feel free to visit the chat often.

If a return is to occur by one of the five people on the list, it will be from pure nostalgia and not as a plan to bring back this army. This is the real end of this army. The Watex Warriors will always be remembered not only as one of the oldest and most historical CP armies but also as the “funnest” army with the most carefree soldiers that only wanted the success of this army.

Thank you Fever, Dialga, Spaceybirdy, Wii Mountain, Lucario, Boomer, Scampi Bri, Wexfief, Hurricane, Disco, and the rest of the leaders and legends of this army for your commitment and dedication. Thank you to all the soldiers for your loyalty and love for this army. An army, especially one as great as this one, is nothing without its soldiers. Thank you allies and even enemies for the friendships made and the wars fought. Everyone involved with WW will always be part of WW’s history.

For the last time as the Watex Warriors,

Play the game right.
Stay cool, stay young, stay WW.
-This is war.
That was then, this is now.
Together we stand, divided we fall.

The Soldiers of the Watex Warriors

January 27th, 2008 – August 15th, 2012

Where foes become friends.



    • Disco could WW merge into FFACP? You can be 1iC for it. You’ll lead a big army again!!! PLZZZ!!! I am retiring now so I need you to help take over

    • Let me list my reasons why WW won’t merge:
      1. Many of WW’s troops are about to retire or just want to join armies where their friends are.
      2. Merging WW into an army that declared war on us? Nope.
      3. I’m not interested in being 1ic. I’m already LIT in PCP, so that’ll be a no thanks.

    • Wait, Arim Erty said we were now allies. She/He said you told her/him that you guys made pease and that you wanted to be allies. FFACP IS NOW DEAD ANYWAY. By the way we declared war on you cuz we wanted to see what would happen.

  1. Long Live Watex Warriors, I know i was never in WW but I always knew they were a great army. R.I.P

  2. So sad to see this great army end! The Watex Warriors / Fever Fighters have been around forever and I thought they could always keep going and going! RIP WW! 😦

  3. The Watex Warriors are one of the most legendary armies in the history of Clubpenguin armies. I will miss WW 😦 . WW was a great army and I will miss WW so much. R.I.P. WW 😦 you will be missed.

  4. Watex Warriors was the only army I was ever in, and will remain the only army I was ever in. Goodbye Watex Warriors. RIP.

  5. The waffle-flag flies at half mast today. This is a bit saddening to see–not only was this my first and favorite army, but a huge part of my growing up as well. So many names and faces that I’ve repressed come to mind now.

    Dialga, Tone, Spacey, Wii, Luc, Green… This is your legacy. You built this army brick by brick, and you gently lay it down now. May it rest in honor and a load of good memories. Should you ever see a revival or tribute army, I’ll be in touch. Good luck from here.

  6. Watex Warriors. All I can say. It’s been a long time coming.

    – Hurricanex1, ωω☆ℓєga¢у

  7. Its sad that WW is now dead, the only “Old” Members of WW left are, Disco70s, Nicko and Wexfief, they are an example of true loyalty, and they should be put up on the H.O.F if already not done :p, anyway, PL0X DISCO PLZZZZZ REMAKE WATEX WARRIORS 😥 I ACTUALLY WANNA STAY IN THIS ONE FOR MORE THEN 2 YEARS :'(….

    Sk8ter Kid12312/Qwerty

    Former WW 3ic (Mod, 2010

  8. WW Must be revieved it is the Legendary Army. Any 6 must survive NO matter how hard the times are RA would love to assist you please REVIVE

  9. However inevitable this fall might have been, it still saddens me to see this. This army was my life during my two lonely home schooled years, and I will never forget that. I made many friends, little enemies, and became a useless leader for a while. I sincerely apologize for that last part. I knew my day would come, but, in the end, I knew I just wasn’t capable and could only be used as a soldier, not someone who would make a great contribution to this army as a revolutionary leader. WW was a big part of me, and I was happy while I was in it. And now… it’s a nostalgic memory. Good bye Watex Warriors, you won’t be forgotten.


  10. I know I wasn’t the most active troop but im sorry. Tears came to my eyes when I read this post. I want WW to be revived also Clubpenguin Army Focus, Clubpenguin Army Surfer and many other army news sites have posted about the death of the legendary Watex Warriors. Please revive WW please. I am begging you. I am sorry for being inactive but I have been playing sports almost 24/7. I’m so sorry for my inactiveness can you please revive WW? Please put up a poll asking should WW be revived. Please revive WW

  11. watex warriors are dead! Yeah even though some penguins dont show up theres got to be a way to help! Here im part of a red alliance. Come by and comment if you want to help to revive the watex warriors. Watex warrriors is one of my favorite armys!

    • No. WW is dead and will not return.

  12. Before you read this, go read Wex’s comment in the bold above.
    For those who want WW to be revived:

    Think about it, if you really wanted WW to come back, why couldn’t you help us be alive before this happened? You could of stopped this legendary army from going down. Glory lane has stopped for us. Tbh, putting down WW was hard for a few days, but I had to face the facts that WW is done. Barely anyone cares about the army that is small. Even CPAC didn’t post of our end because I’m guessing they either didn’t get the news or they don’t care about us.
    What matters is that we’ve had a good run. In fact, 4 years is a definite good run. History has been written for the WW. Everyone who has been in this army shall remember these memories, whether they’re glorious or awful.

    • ily disco<3

      But keeping WW alive for Hurr and Disco was possibly harder than managing a world power such as ACP. It's tedious work, and they did all they could do. It's better to keep WW dead since WW hasn't made the top ten since I was leader. Trust me, this is for the better. Just always remember this army. We'll try to keep the chat fun by planning parties and such, but WW is better as dead. Again, thank you everyone involved in WW.

    • No. You Declared War on us, and are our enemy.

    • Sorry Freakky Poo but declaring war on WW was a bad move. WW is one of the best, legendary, and awesome armies ever. I like FFACP but I can understand why WW don’t wanna merge.

  13. 😦 but SMAC posted about it. Also Clubpenguin Army Surfer is holding a party on Clubpenguin in memory of the Watex Warriors. Can WW leaders please attend. It is in memory of the greatest and most legendary clubpenguin army ever. Can your leaders and soldiers please attend

  14. I was a former mod here back in 2011 and the Watex Warriors are an army I have always had a soft spot for. It is of course sad to see this historic army go, but I know that the time had come for the WW to end. I know that if the WW were to ever come back, they are an army with the best leaders around. To anyone saying oh make WW come back and all that, let the leaders take care of it and shut up.

  15. Also is Waffle Warriors copyrighting WW? Because I’m thinking of making an army named the Waffle Warriors. But if it is copying WW I wont make it. What do you think?

    • yea i think is copying because we were waffles and Watex

    • This is coming from a Team Gold 3ic. We were famous for being enemies. It was fun with all our battles, (Even though I’ve only been in CP armies 1 1/2 yrs) Sad to see a legendary army come to this, good day and good luck! Watex Warriors, ‘Lest we forget’ (the words used on British war memorials to remember the dead’

  16. R.I.P. Watex Warriors 😦 one of the best clubpenguin armies I’ve ever been in. Thank you Fever, Diagla80, Wii Mountain, Wexfief, Bri, Boomer, Luc, Santa, Raven, Disco, and all the other leaders of WW for leading this great army. I never thought WW would end and I am sad to see it go. The Watex Warriors will always be known as one of the most legendary, historic, awesome armies of all time. I enjoyed being here and I am sad to see WW end 😦 .

  17. Your claim of Sabertooth is invalid, along with Snow Drift 😛
    ST took those servers when Hurricane lead but noone ever edited them off your site.

  18. Sheesh, I was only in the army for 3 months and I feel like tearing up here. It’s saddening to see one of the greatest armies die like this, but I’m glad they died in such fashion way. WW will be also remembered for being in arguably the best war in CP. I suggest all people who care about WW keep eating waffles for a while 😉

    Farewell WW
    – Chillie17

  19. I was asked to help Nascar and Bri lead WW but declined in the hopes I could get my Snow Warriors army to grow. I always felt like I missed a great opportunity. WW just seemed like a very friendly and fun army to me.

    I take my Waffle hat off to your leaders and troops. You had an amazing run Watex Warriors.

  20. I’m appreciating all the comments about R.I.P and people who are sharing their goodbye stories about WW. However, people who are merely here just to comment useless crap such as merging, server problems and urging WW to come back, you’re just wasting your time. What I don’t understand is people who never cared about WW are urging it to come back. Exactly where were you when WW was dying? Look at it this way:A kid that everyone hates one day dies, and now everyone changed their feelings and are like “I’m sorry that happened…I wish he was still alive.” It’s too late for both WW and the kid. It’s really pointless to keep asking the WW to be alive….just like how it is to urge a dead boy to live again…I’m using this as a example because some people can’t seem to understand that WW will not come back….And we might come back, but that’s a really unlikely chance. If you don’t understand, you might want to go to Disco’s post that’s below this one about why exactly WW has died and won’t be coming back. Me being a former leader, I kind of understand where she’s coming from. For troops that have been in WW and had a great time and were actually active, I’ll apologize for it but random people commenting WW to come back or any merging business, that’s very selfish. Shut up and give WW the last respect it deserves.

    R.I.P Watex Warriors.
    -Former Leader, Former Happy Soldier of WW.

  21. Wow… I’ve been here since Dialga’s leadership and never saw this coming. Really wish I could have done something about this. You will never be forgotten for me, WW.

    • Ah, I achieved mod of the year with about 2 months of service here. Any reboot now outside of anniversaries would be a shame. Enjoy waffle heaven.

  22. I really hope you don’t let this army just “die” in this situation. I remember when I was a nooblet I was amazed by the size’s of WW in the DW and WW war. I hope one of you decide to relive the era of WW.


      HIIIIIIII :’)

      – ur bff bri :’)

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