Hall Of Fame

Welcome young grasshoppers! Here is where you can see all the people who used to be in WW, but are still way more awesome than you! Just joking, but let’s get on with the list shall we.

Dialga80 The original founder of WW; he was a tremendous leader and a great friend.

Spaceybirdy She was the first girl leader in WW. She put the om in random! She was totally awesome, but watch out for her high heel…

Wii Mountain One of the original Head Warlords of WW’s early times, and turned out to be a leader shortly after. He provided great care for his soldiers, and always made sure the chat had a blast! With his pole dancing, and bananas, and… stuff…

Lucario564One of the most dominant leaders of WW, he helped create how WW is today with his humor, loyalty, and leading fist. Luc has brought back WW 5 times back from the dead, and all 5 times WW has managed to get at least in the top 4.

Scampi Bri She led alongside Luc, brought back WW twice and manged to get it at least to the top 4, got a CSS and a .com for WW and was great with graphics, she was one of the best leaders WW has ever had. She is also an awesome friend.

Wexfief – He kept WW up and running after Scampi Bri retired. The troops loved him for his kindness and patience. When it was time for war, he did get a little bit fiesty. One of WW’s greatest leaders.

Hurricanex1 – A great leader, and a great friend. He was a leader for a good long time, and he brought WW back countless times. He loved the golden ages, and always wanted WW to go back to those ways. 

Disco70s – An extremely friendly leader that continued to serve WW even when WW went through difficult and tough times. Her loyalty for WW cannot be matched by anyone else’s. She didn’t lead WW when the army was strong and one of the top armies, but she had the patience and determination to keep the army alive.


Ark428 WW veteran, one of the first soldiers, a past co-leader, got fired, beat Vicxyz in elections for co-leader, and retired after two years, the date I dunno when.

Lotsofpie – One of the original and long time WW, was known for his diligence resilience, and dedication, a true WW soldier who will not be forgotten.

Alpha1 Alpha was known for his bravery and courage. He fought many times for us, and helped us win many battles. Also was the 5th person for Spacey to date on xat. I think they even married…

Santa0704 Well, what can you say? He was born in a log cabin in the woods, wanted a pony, never got the pony. In the war he had to eat horse meat, but had a problem with that, when he… yeah, you get it. We’ll just leave it that he’s awesome.He was a great leader.

Tone739 An awesome and encouraging person! A Yinzer.

Raven511426 “We cherished, you perished, the world’s been Nightmarish…”

Greenday9991  A great leader. He retired many times, but returned in 2011, and retired again in August of 2011. He’s a very funny guy and a great friend.

Tap Dancer36 – A 2ic, who wanted nothing more then to do what would help with the army. Kind person and one who revolutionized tactics of WW. Retired in July 2012 from an extremely long career.

More to be added…

    1. Watex/Fever: WW Founder – Retired
    2. Dialga80: Original WW Founder – Retired
    3. Gambler21777: WW Leader – Retired
    4. Spaceybirdy: WW Leader – Retired
    5. Wii Mountain: WW Leader – Retired
    6. Santa0704: WW Leader – Retired
    7. Lucario564: WW Leader – Retired
    8. Greenday9991: WW Leader – Retired
    9. Tone739: WW Leader – Retired
    10. Zapdos255: WW Leader – Retired
    11. Pinkeypiebea: WW Leader – Retired
    12. Boomer 20: WW Leader – Retired
    13. 381nascar: WW Leader – Retired
    14. Scampi Bri: WW Leader – Retired
    15. Chuckisthe2: WW LeaderFired
    16. Lje98: WW Leader – Demoted/Impeached, Retired
    17. Vicxyz: WW Leader – Retrired
    18. Wexfief: WW Leader – Retired
    19. Mgmbl311: WW Leader – Retired
    20. Cewan/Starkk: WW Leader – Retired
    21. Disco70s: WW Leader – Retired
    22. iWolf: WW Leader – Retired
    23. Hurricanex1: WW Leader – Retired
    24. Raven511426: WW Leader – Retired
    25. Master Rebel: WW Leader – Retired
    26. Fluffyboy3: WW Leader – Retired
    27. Andy the Lego: WW LeaderRetired
    28. Elimz: WW Leader – Retired
    29. Tap Dancer36: WW Leader – Retired

End of WW Leader Lineage



  1. … no fever. the guy who actually CREATED the watex warriors.

  2. 2nd, and yeah fever did make the idea, but he never served in the army.

  3. Congratulations Bri on getting on the Hall of Fame. Lol Sexy Chick. That is true ;]

  4. Wait, Jordy? I’m not a girl…*d*……..or am I?……*wary*

  5. Wait, where the heck am I up there? *d* Ah, just joking with you guys…. :p

  6. 😛 I Had a feeling Green would be on here. Hes a good friend of mine that I never get to talk too. 😡

  7. shouldn’t fever be here even if he was never technically in the army, ww is named after him

  8. im going to be in there in about a year because im the most active person in ww *chew* you dont have to be a leader to e in the hall of fame

    • no he shouldent bcuz he never did anything supportive(not really)

    • umm, because it was completely innacurate and needed improvement.

  9. Shouln’t I be there? I mean seriously, how could you not put someone like me in the hall? Lolz jk

  10. Fever should be up there he served in many wars such as the Watex Wars and he should be able to deserve to get fame to be in the HOF without fever we wouldnt exist so write him up. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t serve long it matters he created us without him there would be no WW.

  11. If I would get a nickle for everyone that said or thought “I’m going to be here one day” I would be rich.

  12. Pretty funny. Fever made the army. But never served in it. xD

  13. Whoever replies to this comment must recieve a blowjob from Bri and Spacey.

  14. I wasn’t demoted… I chose to step to advisor…

  15. Can you change mine to ”Ungracefully knocked off of his perch”?

  16. Hopefully I can get up there one day. ;3

  17. I wonder if I will be on the hall of fame or the leaders list. But right now I am just a private.

  18. Can someone add me? I asked Bri and Gol but Bri said that she’s too lazy and Gol said that he doesn’t know much about me >.>


  19. Oh the days of days when Wii and Spacey were still around. Nobody actually knew this but I brought him do club penguin completely >_> of course I quit like 2 years ago but still

  20. Later in this year or maybe next year you will see me up there with a speech.

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