• Head Items: Winged Viking Helmet
  • Face Items: Orange Sunglasses/Orange Face Paint
  • Neck Items: Orange Cape
  • Body Items: Orange Snowsuit
  • Hands Items: Red Electric Guitar
  • Feet Items: Hiking Boots
  • Color: Orange

Other Options:

  • Head Items: Winged Viking Helmet, Red Viking Helmet, Red Bandana, Wigs
  • Face Items: Orange Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses, Black Safety Glasses
  • Neck Items: Red Cape, Bandana, Halloween Scarf
  • Body Items: Orange Snowsuit, Orange Sweatshirt, Orange T-shirt
  • Hands Items: Red Electric Guitar, Festive Maracas, Maracas
  • Feet Items: Hiking Boots, Black Sneakers, Orange Sneakers, Cowboy Boots
  • Color: Orange


Other Options:

  • Head Items: Winged Viking Helmet, Red Bandana, Yellow Party Hat, Orange Party Hat, Orange Hard Hat
  • Face Items: Green Sunglasses, Red Face Paint, Yellow Snorkel, Eye Patch
  • Neck Items: Bandana, Orange Life Vest, Halloween Scarf, Red Whistle, Stuffed Parrot
  • Body Items: Orange Belt
  • Hands Items: Festive Maracas, Maracas, Pumpkin Basket, Friendship Bracelet
  • Feet Items: Brown Pirate Boots, Black Pirate Boots
  • Color: Orange


  1. acp says thanks from the mammoth battle!
    P.S. fourth?! Crud…

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    From time to time I will also try to write something interesting.

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  3. its ganna take some time for me to get these items cause i just made a new account

    • The Beaver2 - retired ww brigadier and rfw captain - radacp and wta advisor

      14th that is…

  4. can i use this:
    head: the side swept
    neck:H20 Pack
    body:red Letterman jacket
    hand: watch
    feet:Red Sneakers

  5. Can i wear this?
    Head:Gold Viking Helmet
    Neck:Red Cape
    Body: Something Orange
    Hand: Red Electric Guitar
    Feet:Orange Shoes

  6. Can you guys Update the Unform you can say Orignel Non member the non member is Old and no one really has those items

  7. can i wear this?:
    head:Red Viking Helmet
    Neck:red cape
    Body:orange costume shirt
    feat:orange sneaker

  8. what is my rank please tell me sorry i dont have the full uniform

  9. can i wear this
    hard hat
    orange belt
    friend ship bracelet

    • Yep, that will work! As long was you mostly have orange!

    • You must start being more active.

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