I: Flag

II: Government

III: Land

IV: Laws

V: Anthem


I: Flag

II: Government

Undergoing revision

III: Land

  1. Tundra * (Capitol)
  2. Sabertooth (Electricity)
  3. Hibernate (Fishing/North Defense)
  4. Walrus (West Defense)
  5. Shiver* (Crops)
  6. Ice Cold (Lumber)
  7. Snow Bank (Livestock)
  8. Snow Drift (Clothing/Textiles)
  9. Icebound (Mining)
  10. Snowbound (South Defense)
  11. Half Pipe* (East Defense)
  12. Iceberg* (Undecided)

*– Server is Shared

The Watex Warriors Nation is split between eleven servers. Each server has a specific job, and what a server produces is split equally between all other servers.

IV: Laws

Section Undergoing Revision

Freedom of Speech (limited)

– Keep you’re talk professional, do not get to personal with another person in the army (in less one knows one another offline) (ex. giving out phone number, address, full name, etc.)

– Avoid extreme religious conversations, not everyone has the same view-point as you, and this can cause out-of-control arguments.

– Keep you’re well embossed statements to yourself if you can. Don’t be blunt with people if you know it will lead to something extreme. If you have some issues with a person, talk about it in private.

– Avoid sexual conversations, again talk about it in private. It’s between you and another person(s), so don’t show it off for the rest to see.

The Rights

– If you are an Owner or Moderator on the chat box, do not ban, kick, mute, boot, superkick, etc. for no valid reason. You have a job, so do it right and don’t abuse it. Follow the consequences listed next to a rule if an individual breaks these chat rules:

  1. Does not keep language under PG-13 (3 warnings, 2 kicks, then 5 hour ban)
  2. Spams (3 warnings, 2 kicks, then 5 hour ban)
  3. Scams (5-10 hour ban, depending on severity)
  4. Phishes (10 hour ban)
  5. Begins to “troll” (forever ban)

~The Leaders of WW

V: Anthem

The plate of plenty

The plate of plenty overflows

Waffles will raise above

Waffles shall reign above

And we shall rule again

The plate of plenty overflows!

(repeat through)



  1. I love this page, very informative. Love the flag too 😛

    -Andy the Lego (Legoboy612)

  2. Hey, bri, do you still visit the website? If you are reading this, I like the anthem!

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