Ranks 2

Can’t find your name? Well.. It has to be there! If you’re on a Windows computer press Ctrl+F then type your name into the box that pops up, if you’re on a Mac computer, hold down Command+F then do the same thing as Windows users.

Leader/President(s): Hurricanex1 (166804824), Lucario564 (210231518)

Co-Leader/Prime Minister(s): Master Rebel (275967189), Raven511426 (61933408)

3ic/Ambassador(s): NickoCP (81369075), Disco70s (197236172), Blueman0609 (355148947), Mrgpv (88191809)


Head Warlord: Bottlefanta, Ek, Monster47345

Warlord: Shad, Superjay99

Major General:


Field Marshal:









– Members –


Chief Executive: Wexfief

Waffle Lord: Retired Leaders/Legends


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat



  1. 💡If you are not added to the ranks yet, please comment on a recent post stating that you haven’t been added. Thank you for joining!

  2. hey its baddragon360 please don’t downgrade me. the website wouldn’t let me on for some reason.please respond soon

  3. I do not like my new rank i only got too ranks up than i was before so rank me higher! – Tyler 😀

  4. Thank you for putting me back on the ranks! And for upgrading me! that was unexpected!I thought i was gonna get lowest ranking, if i got back on. 🙂

  5. guys get those two hackers off the ranks (lolderpherp and thelmerator)

    • well why ever i’m still on im sorry i tried to turn on you guys could i stay in you’r army.

  6. I’m not on yet please put me on soon! or if you make me member i quit

  7. I’ve asked to join for like 3 days now! Common WW I thought you were better than this! PLZ ADD ME

    ~superjay99 ACP 2nd lieutenant

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