Can’t find your name? Well… it has to be here! If you’re on a Windows computer press Ctrl+F then type your name into the box that pops up, if you’re on a Mac computer, hold down Command+F then do the same thing as Windows users.

First in Command: Disco70s,  Tap Dancer36


Second in Command: Fluffyboy3, Reacon, Santa0704, NickoCP Head Admiral: Wilson 500, Milkyway


Admiral: Superjay99 Warlord: General : Rjse1, Ninja Shodow Field Marshal:Darkrider90, Dalek Cam, Shadow Warrior,  Eyes521, 8rockhopper1

– Members –

Brigadier: Master Kyl, Angelginger Commander: Arim Erty, Zaccaroni Colonel: I Am Kicky, Metaknight82, Cademan12 Major: Watex1 Captain:  Lieutenant: Private:


Chief Executive: Wexfief, Mgmbl311 and Wyoskyguy Mediators: Santa0704 and Raven511426 Retired Leaders are mods


Light Orange= On Break/Retreat, or M.I.A. (must be approved by leaders)

= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat

In Parenthesis = Probation



  1. Johnylumber quit all cp armies except IW.

    • you will rank up when it is promo day (maybe)

    • You will rank up when…

      1. You make events and stay for the whole event and stay active during it (If you are sick or busy with family just let us know we will talk about it)

      2. Don’t forget to comment what events you came too!

      3. There might be a medal discussion for promos so if this passes then you will have to at least have 10 medals.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Can someone change my name on the ranks from Nickbroadhed to NickoCP please?

  3. sorry I haven’t been active in June I’ve had to study a lot for my exams and my last one is next week plz don’t demote me

    • U are a major and u attend battles and be active

    • i didn’t make u a major someone else did like tap or disco i’m just a captain 🙂

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